Real letters from real clients expressing their Reverse Mortgage experience.
Please share some of your opinions on your experience with Curt and how your Reverse Mortgage has benefited you…

Dear Curt…
We really appreciate all you did for us in obtaining our reverse mortgage. All the staff was kind, courteous, and interested. No pressure, at anytime. Our reverse mortgage was genuinely the best decision we have ever made, and Landmark did all the work. We no longer worry about unexpected expenses as we know the money is there for us. Most of all we can stay comfortably in the home we love. Thanks again to Landmark for a great experience. Please feel free to share this letter to any interested party.

Sincerely, Dean and Dianna A.

Thank-you Card

“Generally it has given me solutions to problems I didn’t know that I had. I liked to way Curt helped explain and educate me about how the Reverse Mortgage actually works. I had some wrong information in my mind. I’ve already recommended Curt to family and friends.”

Alexis D.

Client survey

“Hi Curtis & Landmark Mortgage Staff…
A BIG ‘thank you’ for helping me in regards to the Reverse Mortgage. As you can see, I’m in England with my lil sis… just returned from Brussels, Belgium. That English Channel Tunnel (the ‘chunnel’) was quite an experience.”

My best regards, Tami A.


“Mr Lawrence,
Thank you for helping us with the Reverse Mortgage. It has taken our worries away. As you know, my health hasn’t been the greatest lately and I have been worried that Mary wouldn’t be able to afford to keep the house if something happened to me. Now with the old mortgage paid off with the Reverse Mortgage, we can relax and enjoy living here. Thank you again, and thank you for making it such an easy process.”

William W.

Thank-you Card

“Dear Curt,
We want to thank you for helping us get our Reverse Mortgage. We’ve been able to do a lot to our house so far–new roof, new driveway, new bathroom and a lot doing all of the fix-ups. Also, thank you for helping our friends Jim & Nona…they said it will be the perfect thing for them.

Thanks again for your help.”

Josh and Marlene M.

Thank-you Card

“Curt is a true professional and was very accommodating. I felt he cared about me and what would be best for me. My Reverse Mortgage will enable me to stay in my home and maintain it to my high standards. It has removed a lot of worries.”


Thank-you Card

“Curt was fantastic. I’m enjoying the ability to not have creditors and their credit cards; start fixing/repairing home, such as tree trimming and removal, landscaping; taking trips to relatives in England and other recreational activities; and be able to keep my health in good and sound status. Thank you so much Curt!!!”

Tamara A.

Client Survey

“[The] Reverse Mortgage has freed me up to do whatever I want. It has helped my daughter out of debt. It has enabled me to make firm resolve to save money, more than ever. [The] Reverse Mortgage made me see my financial picture in a different way.”

Alexis C.

Client Survey

“I was still working when I started on my Reverse Mortgage. Curt came to my home to start the paperwork. He also took the time to explain everything to me. In the future I would call Curt for another Reverse Mortgage again. I also enjoyed working with Keja. She was very helpful in answering questions I had.”

Marilyn P.

Client Survey

“I found that I could expect sincere interest in my situation. Curt did go over and above to meet my needs.”

Gladys C.

Client Survey

“Curt was very polite, fast, and helped me understand completely. I liked his one-on-one visits and how easy and comfortable he made it for me. Thank you for everything.”

Beverley L.

Client Survey

“I enjoyed actually talking to people instead of machines and I liked that Curt came out to my house. The immediate things I did with the Reverse Mortgage was some repairs on my house and outside lawn help. And now I have money available whenever I want it or need it.”

Fay B

“Curt was very knowledgeable and explained everything carefully. The Reverse Mortgage is allowing me to do needed improvements to my house.”

Eric P.

“Curt Lawrence. He always answered or returned our phone calls the same day. Everything went the way he said it would and we are very happy! Thank you! This decision will help us in so many ways.” 

Joan A.

“I liked the way it was explained in great detail and the quick responses to my questions. Also the removal of fear of what would happen to my wife if I pre-decease her. It has really loosened up our finances.”

Ed W.

“The ease of the process. It was uncomplicated and I didn’t have to leave my home. Curt is a true professional and was very accommodating. I felt he cared for me and what would be best for me. My Reverse Mortgagewill enable me to stay in my home and maintain it to my high standards. It removed a lot of worries.”

Evelyn T.

“The personal caring attention I received from Curt and Keja. Always warm and personal care. The true honesty and caring in his dealing with me and listening to me and personal concerns about finances, etc. I felt like I was dealing with a true friend.”

Mary J.

“I liked the competence of everyone we dealt with. We appreciate that Curt made a major effort to do everything possible for us. Keja was very friendly and professional in all of our dealings. It was a great decision for us.”

Pamela M.